Matt Okine’s The Other Guy

Posted by Milk Bar Mag on 7/4/15.

Matt Okine had his audience guffawing with his captivating sense of humour, infectious face expressions and grand hand gestures. He begins by reminiscing how he stayed at the Victorian Hotel for the first time on his nineteenth birthday, and then recalls the last time he was in Melbourne; it was about a year ago, when he had scored his big job on Triple J.

He draws his audience in by jokingly discussing the hardships that accompany working for Triple J; his wake up time is at a startling 4:30am, which he describes as ‘fucking shit!’, especially when he has to deal with the cold and miserable weather on the way there.

Expect to laugh once you hear all about the famous Rat Gillies; an Instagram user that comments on all of Matt’s pictures with just one word: bald. Viewers (including me!) were also chuckling uncontrollably when we heard him boast about how rich he is – that is, rich enough to afford rent, buy Rexona instead of crappy specials and he can even enjoy sourdough bread now.

Matt’s talent truly shines through his ability to make hilarious situations out of the negative downfalls in his life; for instance, his breakup from his girlfriend, who he nicknames ‘China’. You will also hear all about Matt’s best friend Henry; he was the one who instigated the NYC party that led to the milestone where Matt met China. Their drunken moments and hilarious predicaments will have you searching for a tissue to wipe away the tears that you can not hold back.

Of course, Matt had some cringeworthy yet hysterically funny moments with other women. Especially since he was out of the game for nine years after his breakup from China. But I guess that just emphasises the beauty of life; we all have to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Never a regret, always a lesson folks.

We also learn the number one golden rule: never go on holidays with your ex. Matt has also been travelling with his best friend, and he learnt that travelling via the cheapest public transport is going to have its strange perks. It’s much more dangerous than what Matt believes is the biggest danger in Australia: the racist. Yeah, he’s thought this out so well that there’s even categories for racists too: the poor racist, the mint racist, and the recreational racist.

I don’t want to spoil anymore of Matt’s brilliant antics, so I’ll let you be the judge from here onwards. All I can guarantee is that you will certainly be shaking uncontrollably from laughter as you watch him strut his stuff onstage.

Matt Okine’s The Other Guy
Victoria Hotel (Banquet Room), 215 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Thursday March 26 – Sunday April 19


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