Nightclub Bathrooms: The New Zone To Make Friends

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 22/9/15.

People usually meet new people through school, university, work, nightclubs, bars, social media, etc; the list could go on for ages. We live in a diverse world and most of us like to expand our horizons and make new friends, which can be very exciting and fulfilling. Some people are shy and may find it more difficult to reach out to other people, so I have accidentally stumbled upon probably one of the most bizarre ways to make friends. Let me introduce you to one of the most popular yet underestimated zones to make friends: nightclub bathrooms!

Yeah, this may sound a little weird to you, but it is a 90% foolproof plan, with the 10% allocated to the possibility that your so called friend will forget who you are the next day, due to their excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol tends to make your brain a little hazy on the details, but otherwise it can lower your inhibitions and boost your confidence, so that you feel less awkward about starting a conversation with a stranger. Sometimes the conversation can be nonsensical (depending again on the alcohol intake), but otherwise you’re almost guaranteed to make a new friend that will most likely want to add you on Facebook (or vice versa) and there is an opportunity to strike up a conversation the next day. Drunken conversations and antics can turn into funny (and sometimes cringeworthy!) memories, and can form a foundation for a blooming friendship.

I find that most people I’ve met in nightclub bathrooms tend to be happy drunks (you may cop the whole ‘I love you so much’ with a bit of swaying and lots of giggling), but you can have semi-coherent to coherent conversations with them. Nightclub bathrooms also provide opportunities to talk, as opposed to dance floors or even bar areas which are mostly smothered with extremely loud music that makes it difficult to listen to the other person.

Of course, you will also witness girls who are chucking their guts out in the toilet (or the sink, or even the floor…ew), are passed out on the floor with their drunk friends trying to heave them up (don’t try to spark up a conversation while they’re in that state, haha!), or are just laughing uncontrollably because they’re feeling extremely merry. Then there’s girls who are desperately trying to fix their makeup in the mirror, because they’ve sweated most of it off and their lipsticks are smeared everywhere (it’s been a productive night!)

Either way, somebody is bound to strike up a conversation with you, and they don’t necessarily need to be drunk or even tipsy to do so. There is that encounter when two sober people can find common ground when they both hear some hilariously drunken conversation from inside a cubicle, and can’t help but giggle at the fact that it doesn’t make any sense. That alone can be a great conversation starter, or it could be something as simple as the both of you are waiting to go to the toilet, or are waiting for a friend to come out and need to kill time somehow. Maybe there’s no more toilet paper, or the hand dryer isn’t working, which would annoy most people and this can easily turn into general conversations about the nightclub itself and how the night is going, etc.

It could be the smallest and most insignificant things that can start a conversation, and unlike other contexts; the awkwardness is overlooked in a nightclub bathroom because most people are too tipsy or drunk to care. They just want to have fun and enjoy themselves with like-minded individuals, and these moments can create fun memories that can lead to the blossoming of friendships. Like I said before, the whole friendship thing isn’t 100% guaranteed (you do get your snobs or just very quiet people), but either way there’s no harm in living in the moment and going with the flow, right?


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