When Are We Too Old To Go Out Clubbing?

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 31/8/15.

Is there an expected age to stop clubbing?

Okay, we all reach that stage when we get over the whole clubbing scene (well most of us!), whether it’d be in our early to mid 20s, late 20s to early 30s, or even at the rare age of 18 where you go out once or twice and then decide the party scene is just not for you. Suddenly going out for coffee or just chilling out at home seems a lot more appealing, and you start thinking that you’ve aged a mile because that zest of partying it up that you once had has now burnt out.

But what happens when you still want to go clubbing in your late 20s, early 30s or even late 30s? Is that socially inappropriate since you’re not at that ripe age of hitting adulthood anymore, where you begin to discover that there’s a new and exciting world out there? Should you have matured considerably enough now not to crave letting your hair loose at a club? Maybe you’re supposed to conduct yourself more appropriately now, to focus on your more important life prospects other than ‘partying hard’. Maybe you’re in a serious relationship or married and don’t really feel like you fit in that party atmosphere anymore.

Either way, you can’t help but feel estranged when you’re in your mid to late 20s partying it up at a club, only to be surrounded by a crowd of drunk 18 year old youngsters. What do you do if you’re ever in that predicament, take a seat and let the youngsters steal the show?

No, you show them how it’s done. You’re entitled to party it up just as much as anybody else is, and unless you’re the only 40 year old trying to get your party on in an 18 year old crowd atmosphere (which in that case, I don’t think you’d want to anyway), you are allowed to let your young, wild and free self shine while you’re out. I have never understood the whole ‘you’re too old to party’ stereotype, particularly when it’s directed towards people in their mid to late 20s, or even people in their early to late 30s. Different people are in different stages in their lives, and you have to make the most of every moment in your life, regardless of other people think of that.

There’s no such thing as retiring from the party scene if you still feel like you can have a rager of a night. That’s not to say that you should party every night and that everyday can be hangover day, it’s more about maintaining a healthy balance between work and play, and if you can do that, why not fire up that dancefloor and let your inner party animal shine? We all need to take a breather on occasion, whether it’s from a hectic work lifestyle or any other impending obstacles in our lives, and it’s healthy to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

So I say, live it up with no regrets and enjoy every moment. Life’s too short and you deserve it.


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