How To Spice Up Your Mood For A Great Night Out

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 21/10/15.

We all cop those dreary sort of days when we’re feeling unmotivated and way too tired to dress up, let alone actually leave the house to go out to a nightclub or bar. Sometimes you end up giving in to your exhaustion, and decide to embrace having a lazy night in with junk food and a movie. But other times, you feel like you have to go out.

Whether it’s your promise to attend a good mate’s birthday, after work drinks or your mates hounding you to come out because “it’s been ages and you’re so boring”, either way it takes a lot of physical and mental effort to make yourself get up and leave the house.

Here are five different ways to spice up your partying mood so that you can make the most of your night out. I’ll call this the ‘pre-party manual’.

1. Time For A Pre-Drink
So this is the most obvious one: indulge in a drink or two before you go out. Alcohol actually lowers your inhibitions (although the outcome of this depends on how much you drink), so that your mood generally improves as you become more animated and cheery. Don’t get me wrong, it can also have the opposite effect on people since it is a depressant, but most people including myself tend to hype up more when we drink. That’s why the whole pre-drink trend is so popular (and cost-effective too!). If you’re not much of a drinker, you can have a V or Red Bull before you go, which will give you that energy kick you need to tackle the upcoming hours.

2. Pump The Jam
As you’re preparing your outfit, make-up and hair, pump up the jam so that you can rev yourself up to go out. ‘Turn Down For What’ by DJ Snake and Lil Jon is a fun song that can skyrocket your mood, or you could crank up Jason Derulo or any sort of RnB and dance music. Even rock music can give you that much-needed adrenaline surge, which will make you want to rock it out all night.

3. Get Your Groove On
Feel free to let loose and dance around the house while your stereo is pumping. You can be as daggy as you want to be since you’re in your own household, so don’t hold back! And the best part is, your endorphins will also be raging by the end of your little dance sesh, which means that you’ll be feeling a lot more energetic for an epic night out.

4. Watch A Party Scene In A Movie
I find that when I watch a fun party scene in a movie, I feel like I want to let my hair loose and party it up like there’s no tomorrow. You can watch the cool dance scene in White Chicks, where the fake Brittany and Tiffany Wilson and their friends square off against these fake bitchy girls in an epic dance off. Or give the Step Up movies a watch; they’ll definitely inspire you to get your groove on. There’s Magic Mike 1 and 2 for those people who want to perve on some eye candy, or even Dirty Dancing since its a dance classic and most people love Patrick Swayze.

5. Call Up Your Mates
If you need that extra pick-me-up, you can always call one of your mates so that they can boost your excitement up. Of course, if they’re feeling down in the dumps as well, they’re probably not the best option. But if they’re keen for you to come out, they’ll find ways to convince you that you absolutely have to come, and they won’t take any of your excuses in return. I’m sure that you’ll end up thanking them when you have a hell of an awesome night too!


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