Should People In Relationships Avoid The Nightclub Scene?

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 27/1/16.

Well well well, here is a question that can fire up a hell of a debate. Can people in relationships still go out clubbing, or do they have to avoid the party atmosphere now that they’re in a relationship? I’ve always found it interesting how different people attach their own perceived stigmas to the nightclub scene; there is the common idea thatnightclubs are more of a hookup fest where people only go to pick up other people, since the clubbing scene encourages drunken hookups in the middle of the dance floor or in some of its dark corners. People do go clubbing in order to escape their everyday realities and get their party animal on, and alcohol can mostly justify some crazy shenanigans considering the person was apparently ‘too drunk’ to realise what they were doing.

There’s also the fact that nightclubs usually pump their music nice and loud, which restricts the partygoer’s ability to converse with others and therefore encourages them to hook up with somebody else instead. Taken people can’t really indulge in the same activity, unless they bring their own significant other along or decide to just ‘stuff it’ for one night; it’s not like their partner will ever find out, right? Well, that brings about another debate: should taken people bring their boyfriend/girlfriend along to a nightclub so that they’re not left out when their single friend is all over some random that they literally just met a minute ago?

It could make sense to bring your partner along so that no singles will swoop in on you, but then there’s the whole ‘why did you look at him/her for?’ argument that has been known to break hearts and kill relationships. All of a sudden, you’ve already cheated since your eyes have accidentally strayed when you should have kept them purely on your boyfriend or girlfriend. Are you comparing your partner to other potentials in the nightclub? Is there some better looking fish in the sea that are looking pretty enticing at the moment? Or maybe you’re drawing a lot of attention, which can be enough to fracture your other half’s confidence and stem their jealousy and possessiveness over you. That can either place a lot of unwarranted tension on the relationship or reinforce the connection you two already have, since it can be kind of appealing and amusing to see your partner all fired up over other guys or girls checking you out.

If that wasn’t already too much drama for you, here comes the imposed limit on drinking when you’re in a relationship; after all, you wouldn’t want to get so drunk that you might accidentally do something you will regret. I guess that’s why some taken people scorn the nightclub scene for encouraging reckless behaviour, since your inhibitions are lowered and your hormones are raging from all the alcohol and party vibes. I mean, you can still get drunk at other places too, but it’s generally easier to contain yourself in a more relaxed environment than at a nightclub where the music is deafening, people are dancing wildly and the smoke machine is blurring your vision.

I think that the question of whether taken people should go out clubbing or not all narrows down to perspective. If you look at a nightclub as a place to have a few drinks and rock the dance floor, then there shouldn’t be an issue in going out with a few mates and having a boogie. If you’re taken but your single mates are all looking to score at a nightclub, then maybe it’s not the best idea to go out with them since you’re going to feel pretty left out if they all manage to reel somebody in, unless you’re content to rip up that dance floor solo. If you’re in that scenario, you can always bring your boyfriend/girlfriend, but either way they should trust you not to stray off the rails with somebody else, and building that trust is both liberating and fulfilling for both parties in the relationship. It means that you’re not always stepping on eggshells when you want to go out with your friends and have a good night, because life is all about making the most of every moment and treasuring it. Whether you’re single or taken shouldn’t matter; everybody deserves to let their hair loose and have a rager of a night, so I say go for it!


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