What’s Crazier: Boys Night Out Or Girls Night Out?

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 11/2/16.

Now here is a question that can fire up a debate between both gender groups: which one generally has the crazier night out? And how crazy can both groups get? It’s a tough question, and I’m about to sort through all the anecdotal stories I’ve heard and experienced in order to logically address this argument. Here it goes:

Boys Night Out
It usually starts off with pres, and half of the guys will usually rock up late to their mate’s place because they’ll usually come whenever they feel like it (even though they don’t have any actual makeup or hair concerns to deal with). Once they do rock up though, don’t underestimate their pre-party antics: they will usually launch into some drinking games and beer pong in order to set the mood for a hell of a fun night out.  Usually in a drinking game, the loser has to skoal a certain amount of alcohol (beer, vodka or tequila – whatever floats their boat). Background music usually varies according to personal preferences, but usually some hardstyle tunes, electro beats or Justin Bieber will suffice.

Sometimes the boys may keep their pres more chilled by kicking back with a couple of beers while they play FIFA, since they don’t feel like letting loose yet. Then the cab or Uber usually comes, and if the boys are drunk, most of them will stumble out of the house while blurting out whatever comes to mind. They may even challenge each other to rap battles once they get into the cab, just because they want to prove how badass their rapping skills are.

Once they get to the nightclub or wherever they’re going, most of them will make a beeline for the bar in order to skoal some more bevs, and they’ll hit the hard stuff because they’ve already done their ‘mellow’ drinking at home, so now it’s time to go hard or go home. Some of the guys may choose to go somewhere like Rats, where entry and drinks are cheap and the vibes are great. Generally, they’re not phased by the drink prices though (especially while drunk), because they’re all about getting hammered off their faces.

Then the boys will go straight to the dance floor and show everybody what they’re made of, and a couple of them by then have already eyed some girl and decided they feel confident enough to take a risk, so they wander off and then disappear for most of the night.

Because of all that testosterone raging in their systems, a verbal or physical fight can sometimes materialise out of nowhere and things can get rowdy as a result, which would usually result in some of the boys getting kicked out of the establishment by disgruntled security guards. Some of the perpetrators of the fight can then get cocky with security and try to barge straight back in, which can cause a bigger conflict as security hold their ground in the fight. All that testosterone is crashing, and the night can end on a sour note if somebody gets hurt, although a typical guy will try to wave it off if they do get hurt in the process, because they want to maintain that tough exterior of theirs.

Girls Night Out
There is the common stereotype that boys nights are rowdier than girls nights, but then again it can be debated that most girls can’t handle their alcohol as well as most guys can, so it’ll affect their actions a lot more. In most instances, a girls night will usually start with pres, and that can include vodka and some jello shots for fun. Most girls will put in more effort to prepare pres, which can include some cocktails as well in order to start their night off with style. You can expect to hear some Justin Bieber in the background once again (he’s become a music trend everywhere it seems!), dance music or RnB.

Most girls will also put in a lot more effort to get ready as well, and that includes applying their makeup so that it can look effortless, styling their hair to the tee and choosing their outfit for the night (and trust me, they generally don’t just choose one in the beginning; they choose quite a few, dump the dress choices on their bed, then walk around frantically while pulling their hair out and whining about difficult it is to decide on which one makes them look hot. Don’t worry, they eventually resign to picking just one, but the doubts do still linger at the back of their minds).

But once they’ve finally primped themselves, don’t doubt that the girls won’t make their night a great one to remember. They’ll order a cab or Uber to pick them up, and they’ll waddle towards it in their high heels while chattering or giggling at something in their tipsy state. Once they’re in, it’s a matter of trying to compose themselves long enough until they get into the nightclub or bar they’re going to. Once they’re in, they will either hit the dance floor straight away to get their inner Beyoncé on, or head to the bar and buy some tequila shots to get drunk and then dance straight afterwards.

As for a brawl, it might be one girl who decides to start a bitch fight and then plenty of arguing will surface from that, maybe even a slap across the face, but that’s quite rare since most girls honestly just want to have fun (as the wise Cyndi Lauper once sung!). When they’re under the influence of alcohol, girls are generally a lot happier and excited or they become dopey and sleepy instead (it depends on their mood I guess!). One girl might step on another girl’s foot by accident, or bump into them, but all is generally forgiven and if anything they might even dance with each other because they’re feeling that nice happy buzz. Also, the girls that get approached by guys are usually making out with them on the dance floor, the couch, or wherever there’s room really. You’ve got to make the most out of your night, and the only time any girl will get escorted out of a nightclub is if she’s fallen off the podium and can’t get back up again because she’s laughing too hard in her drunken state (that’s usually when security will intervene and escort her out!).

Both boys and girls nights out usually consist of a Maccas run afterwards, because there’s nothing like greasy fattening food to soak up all that alcohol and restore your liver back to working order. And then afterwards, it’s time for both parties to go home and crash on their beds or couches, and then they’ll have to endure the hangovers that will inevitably come the next day.

Now you’re probably thinking: so which night is the crazier one, boys or girls night out? I personally think that as difficult as it is to pick one, a boys night out would be the winner. Most guys don’t care about composing themselves as much as most girls do when they’re out, and all that testosterone and alcohol combined can lead to a rowdy night out, especially they don’t tend to worry about being careful as much as girls do either. They tend to think that they’re invincible when they’re drunk as well, so reckless drunk behaviour and physical brawls are more likely to happen when they’re out as well. I’m not saying that it can’t happen on a girls night out, but it does tend to happen more on a boys night out, especially when they’re hyped up. Boys night out definitely takes the cake here.


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