The Mills Street Pop Up Cafe

Posted by Milk Bar Mag on 23/3/16.

If you’re looking for an edgy and dynamic place to dine in, look no further than the Mills Street Pop Up Cafe, which has just officially opened on the 26th of February at The Mills Street Warehouse. This funky cafe has a contemporary feel, with an industrial looking atmosphere that projects a very easygoing and welcoming vibe.

The Mills Street Warehouse is an arts hub, and the Mills Street Pop Up Cafe shares its location there together with a recording studio, rehearsal and music rooms and its own theatre. It is home to Nuworks Theatre and the Melbourne Independent Theatre Company. So don’t be surprised to witness a play in motion when you wander in to grab a coffee, because this theatre prides itself on its productions; the walls are adorned with posters of Macbeth and other notable plays that have marked these grounds.


All of us need to kick off our day with a hearty breakfast, and the Mills Street Pop Up Cafe offers just that: their breakfast menu consists of a smoked pork belly and egg, which is served on a house-baked brioche roll fried with barbecue sauce and tomato. There’s also their spinach and wild mushroom bruschetta, which is served with white truffle oil and basil, or you can really satisfy your sweet tooth with their triple stack pancakes with organic maple syrup and vanilla bean ice-cream. If those options aren’t already mouthwatering enough, there are other options in their breakfast menu that would definitely please your tastebuds.


For lunch, you can enjoy a house baked ciabatta or brioche roll with their famous fillings of either egg and lettuce or chicken and rocket. They also have their Moroccan chicken and marinated lamb skewer, which they serve on a quinoa Tabouli salad with saffron rice-toasted ciabetta and harrisa yogurt, and if that doesn’t already have you salivating, they do make the good old chicken parmigiana with smoked ham, mozzarella and house Napoli, chips and salad. They also have other options on their lunch menu that are definitely worth checking out. The Mills Street Pop Up Cafe pride themselves on serving free range meats from award winning butchers, and they pour plenty of love and effort into their very own baked breads.


The Mills Street Pop Up Cafe have a big vision, and it is to work with local fruit and vegetable growers in their community so that they can attain fresh backyard produce and incorporate it into their seasonal menus for all of us to enjoy. After all, we all deserve to enjoy the finer things in life, and plus we all get to play a role in preserving our lovely planet, so it’s definitely worth your while to give the Mills Street Pop Up Cafe a shot.

The Mills Street Pop Up Cafe
10 Mills Street, Cheltenham


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