DJs Diner And Bar

Posted by Milk Bar Mag on 4/4/16.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s era periods all combined into a funky American diner experience, DJs Diner and Bar will win you over in a heartbeat. Located on Chesterville Road, it is the sort of place that would instantly draw your eye as you’re driving by, with its edgy black and red exterior that is adorned by checkerboard flags, along with the classic 1970 ZC4 Ford Fairlane 500 car that is parked right next to its establishment (it tempts you to take it out for a spin!). There is also the fence that has spray painted cars on it and surrounds the small outside dining area.

But as edgy as the diner’s exterior is, it doesn’t compare to its interior: the minute you walk in, you can hear the classic tracks from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s eras playing on the stereo, and it sets the mood for the atmosphere perfectly. The walls are covered in posters and images with catchy slogans on them, the ceilings have different coloured vinyls on them, the floors are covered in different posters that match the cool theme of the walls, and there are little tables with red and blue chairs in the middle of the room. These chairs have jean jackets hung over them, which effectively radiate a grungy vibe that matches the feel of the place.


On either side of the diner, there are red and blue booths that are just waiting for you to sit on them and get comfy while you order your food. DJ’s Diner and Bar is well-known for its American style burgers and hot dogs, which are scrumptious and extremely filling – you’ve been warned. They know how to supersize their burgers so that you can make the most of them, and they won’t let you leave on an empty stomach. The best thing about their burgers is that they’re named after cars (does anyone want to order a Holden or a Ferrari?), and their hot dogs are named after movie stars (who’s keen for a Marilyn Monroe or a Clint Eastwood?). They also have Fat Boys, which they’ve named after Harley motors or types – how does a Knucklehead or The Trike sound to you? If those options aren’t already enticing enough, there is also their $9 pizzas to salivate over – who wants The Elvis? Or a Bob Dylan? – and they even have side dishes and kids meals to accommodate for everybody. Oh, and lets not forget their dessert menu, because those burgers weren’t already filling enough.

DJ’s Diner and Bar has stools facing a bench where you can sit and enjoy a bev or two. There is a game machine on the corner near the register where you can test your shooting skills on the invaders that await your presence. Near the entrance, there are glass cabinets with quirky little figurines in them that immediately draw your attention the minute you walk in. DJ’s Diner and Bar sure know how to rock, and they draw in all sorts of customers – families, couples, bike clubs, automotive enthusiasts, etc; you’ll see all sorts of different people enjoying the rock n roll atmosphere, so I definitely recommend you to check the place out.


DJ’s Diner and Bar
1/113 Chesterville Road, Highett
Open Thursday-Sunday, 12:00pm-11:30pm


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