ACMI and New Wave Festival Present A-97 And The Second Woman Performances

Posted by Beat Magazine on 18/4/16.

A-97 was created by artist Daniel Jenatsch and The Second Woman features artist Nat Randall.

The A-97 performance revolves around the idea of a perfectly executed crime that remained undiscovered: the year 1997 has never ended. Daniel Jenatsch elaborates on the performance by mentioning that it will consist mostly of images of a screen, with everyone creating the show: the string quartet, dancer/choreographer Atlanta Eke, singers, voice actors and videographers in a tech zone to the left. They are designing two video games that will be played live for the show, and the video games react to both the music and the dialogue independently.

The Second Woman features a 24 hour performance and cinema experiment with Nat Randall repeatedly performing a single scene inspired by John Cassavettes’ 1977 cult film Opening Night. Opposite Randall are 100 different men ranging in age, background and acting abilities.

A-97 will run at ACMI from Wednesday May 11 to Sunday May 15, and The Second Woman will also run at ACMI from Friday May 20 to Saturday May 21. 


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