What Type Of Clubber Are You?

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 26/2/16

Whenever I go out to nightclubs, I always notice that there are different types of clubbing personalities out there. People perceive the clubbing scene in different ways; it can all depend on their mood, their personality and what they’re into as well. Here are my four categories of clubbers:

1. Dancing Divas
Most people love going to nightclubs so that they can fire up the dance floor and have a hell of an awesome night. These dancing divas like to ‘move it, move it!’ (Yes, I did just reference that song from the Madagascar movie!) Their dancing skills may or may not be up to standard (you do get the occasional dude doing the underwater move or the chicken dance), but honestly as long they’re having fun, they’re projecting great vibes to other people on the dance floor too. You gotta just let loose and have fun!

2. Daring Drunks
These types of people are all about drinking up until they’re blurting out obscenities and doing bizarre things that they’d never even dreamed of, like attempting to backflip off the podium or something like that. They’re always spotted at the bar, skoaling alcohol like it’s water. For these types, they either go hard or go home – there’s no in between and a vodka lemonade or two just won’t cut it. Think ABC shots…or multiple tequila shots. Yep, they’re a killer.

3. Lazy Loungers
Now we have these cats that like to curl up, relax and watch their surroundings. These lazy loungers like to sit down on whatever looks like a seat (it doesn’t actually have to be a lounge), sip from their drink and just watch what’s happening around them. I mean, there’s nothing like watching other people do random crazy shit and having a laugh about it. You’ll usually notice lazy loungers in groups of three or so, chatting to each other about some spectacle that’s caught their eye. They would most likely be snapchatting it to all their friends as well – I mean, who doesn’t love being entertained?

4. Bathroom Blockers
These people practically live in the nightclub bathroom; but no, it’s not just to use the toilet as you might presume. It’s for girls to either spend a lifetime trying to redo their makeup (I don’t recommend doing this while intoxicated, unless you want to look like the Joker!) or just having a bitch about somebody or something that has just happened in the nightclub. Sometimes it’s people who are waiting in line to use the toilet, and then they start talking to kill time or because they’ve been drinking and they’re suddenly feeling super chatty.

Usually two drunk people having a conversation become best buds within like five minutes; it’s as though they’ve known each other all their lives. That’s the beauty of alcohol – it really does lower social barriers. And where else to have a convo (without loud blaring music to ruin it) than the bathroom, right? The only thing is, these chatty people tend to crowd together and block the way for others who actually need to go to the toilet. Yeah, you all need to scram – Mother Nature is calling!


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