Splash Out Hire – Hot Tub Cinema!

Posted by Milk Bar Mag on 22/4/16.

Delve into the steamy waters of the Splash Out Hire – Hot Tub Cinema, as you enjoy a heightened sensory experience that you will never forget. Not only do you get to soak into a 40 degree spa, you also get the opportunity to watch a series of selected films while you relax in there, such as Bad Boys21 Jump StreetCharlie’s AngelsSuperbadWhite ChicksStep BrothersHancock and plenty of other awesome flicks!


If that doesn’t make you already feel all toasty and giddy on the inside, then I should mention that you even get your very own full bar service that caters specifically to your tub. No, you didn’t read that wrong, if that’s what you’re thinking: you get to enjoy a Gold Class experience in a jet-powered inflatable tub. Life cannot get any sweeter than this, especially when you’re being served Long Island Iced Teas and lollies.


Soak up this heavenly phenomena as it runs from Thursday, 21 April to Sunday, 29 May – you can hire a tub for you and your group of buddies, or you can share a tub with strangers and make friends! Either way, this opportunity is not to be missed. You get to jump straight into the tub from 8pm, where you’ll be treated with cocktails before the movie fun starts at 9pm. Then there is an intermission at 9:45pm where you can rock out to some old-school and new R&B jams, eat more food, take a toilet break or just chill until the movie resumes again at 10:15pm, and then it finishes around 11pm. But never fear, the night is still young – you can party it up at the After Movie Spa Party afterwards!


If you feel like enjoying the cinematic experience minus the hot tub, you can still attend the event for $30 and kick back on your lounge seat with some snacks and drinks while you watch the movie. For the hot tub experience, it’s $60 per person if you bring a group of four friends and share a tub all together. If you want to join a random group, it’s $65; which is well worth it considering the amount of fun you’re going to have.

We all deserve to be pampered once in a while, so where better to get the treat of a lifetime than at the Splash Out Hire – Hot Tub Cinema?!


Splash Out Hire – Hot Tub Cinema 
Common Man, 39 Dukes Walk, South Wharf VIC 3006
Thursday, 21 April to Sunday, 29 May


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