5 Advantages Of Partying It Up Sober

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 30/3/16.

Most people tend to feel their mood sink a little when they decide to stay sober for a night out, either because they’ve been nominated as the designated driver for the night because it’s their turn, or they’ve just decided to stay sober for some reason. Either way, it can suck when you go out and have to stay sober while all your friends drink up and let loose on the dance floor.

But at the same time, there are also advantages to staying sober. It all depends on your perspective, and these five advantages will hopefully help brighten up the prospect of partying it up sober:

1. You Can Save Money
Trust me, as fun as it is to go out and spend a shitload of money on alcohol and drink up, you do feel that crushing feeling in your heart when you check your bank account the next day and realise just how impulsive you were the night before. Were all those $20 ABC shots really necessary? And how on earth did that cab ride cost so much money?! Not to mention you cabbed it to the nightclub AND back home. Wait, wasn’t there some leftover cash in your left pocket? Uh oh, it’s gone now.

Yep, most likely your drunken self either spent that spare cash on alcohol, shouted some random person drinks, or even lost it just because you weren’t in your right mind to take care of yourself, let alone your cash. Staying sober means that you have total control over your actions and can keep an eye on how much you spend. You can also avoid those expensive cab rides by driving there and back instead (if taking the train isn’t an option already). The waiting around for an unoccupied cab isn’t fun either; it’s so much easier when you can just get straight in your car after a big night out and drive home.

2. You Get To Laugh At Everybody’s Drunken Antics
When the world isn’t spinning and you’re not stumbling from the tequila overload, you’d be surprised at how much more you can notice what’s happening around you. Like how your friend attempted that slut drop move, but ended up stacking it on the floor because they’re too drunk to make their way back up. Or how that guy on the podium thinks he’s a total badass despite the cringe-worthy dance moves he’s pulling.

What about that couple making out over at the lounge there? Wait, has she just fallen asleep on him? That’s just tragic. And look at security getting annoyed with that drunken dude trying to get into the VIP restricted area. God he’s persistent. There you go, plenty of entertainment to keep your sober self amused.

3. You Have A Clear Memory
There’s nothing more amusing than being able to recall all these funny moments the next day. The fact that you’re able to remember exactly what happened the night before is a definite bonus. Nobody likes that distressing feeling of trying to fill in the blanks in their memory.

4. You Get To Find Out Some Interesting Truths
Most people tend to spill some pretty fascinating truths when they’re drunk. After all, the social barriers have deteriorated as they’ve kept drinking, so when’s a better time to fess up than when they’re intoxicated? Yes, you do hear some lies here and there, but generally drunk people just blurt out whatever comes to their mind and don’t really care about keeping it all in. Fortunately, you’re sober so you can remember it all clearly the next day. Whether it’s your best friend who’s secretly had a thing for you for while, or they’ve liked your boyfriend/girlfriendinstead – you’ll get to hear it all and decide what you do with the info. The ball is in your court.

5. No Hangover Hell The Next Day
Need I mention how great it is when you wake up the next day feeling perfectly fine? That churning feeling in your stomach and heavy head sensation that you experience when you’re hungover the next day is not a pleasant state to be in. You can make the most of your day too, instead of sleeping in all day till 5pm. See, the benefits of staying sober for a night out are totally worth it. Enjoy!


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