Is The Three-Day Texting Rule Effective?

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 11/4/16.

There is a dilemma that most of us come across when we manage to score a guy/girl at a nightclub, bar or anywhere really: do we text them straight away after we get their number, or do we wait until the next day? Or should we go by the three-day rule, which basically means that you have to wait three days before texting them so that you don’t look too desperate? I mean, we don’t want to appear too keen right? Some people get put off by overly keen guys/girls since they may wreak too much of desperation.

But then again, what if he/she loses interest by the time we muster up the courage to text them after three days? The internal struggle is real, and it doesn’t end here: should the guy make the effort to text first? Or is that a sexist idea that should be disregarded in this modern age where feminists rule now? Yeah I know, there are way too many questions and not enough answers here – but this is a normal overthinking habit for most people, so I’m going to try and simplify things for all of you out there with this dilemma.

Most people tend to over-complicate things way too much when they’re trying to impress someone. Whether you’re the sort of person to either play it cool by taking your time or you prefer to just bite the bullet, you’ve got to remember that the other person is most likely thinking the exact same thing as you. They’re most likely just as worried about making the right impression as you are.

So if you’re going to wait three days to text somebody, you could be implying that you’re either not interested and that person is a last minute resort (because you didn’t score anybody else in that period of time), or you may project the opposite notion: you’ve been thinking about them for three days straight but have decided to agonisingly drag out the waiting period so that you don’t look like you’re obsessed with them at all. (Wow, that’s some self-restraint you’ve got there!)

There’s this preconceived rule that the guy is supposed to text first if he’s interested, and you’re supposed to wait three days for him to text and if he doesn’t, he’s not interested. But in reality, you’ve got to remember that you’re both most likely in the same boat here, and he could even be waiting for you to initiate because he’s either too shy and doesn’t know how to approach you, or he’s got that whole ‘don’t want to appear too keen’ persona going on too. (Great minds think alike, huh?!)

The point is, if you’re keen and want to actually get to know this person, you should seize your chance by shooting them a text the next day, or even on the second day if you really feel like the next day is too rushed. A simple text like ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ or something along those lines shows that you are somewhat interested in the person, but at the same time you’re keeping it chilled by providing an easy conversation starter.

The ball is in your court, and you can do whatever you want with it; you don’t have to bother with the whole texting etiquette drama that so many people painfully inflict upon themselves. Simplicity is the key here; so I say go for it, because what have you got to lose?


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