Henry Talbot: 1960s fashion at the NGV

Posted by Milk Bar Mag on 12/5/16.

If your eye tends to be drawn to the finer things in life, then you’ll be captivated by Henry Talbot’s photography exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Curated by Susan van Wyk, Senior Curator of Photography, the exhibition reveals an array of over 80 never-seen-before photographs that highlight both Melbourne and 1960s fashion.

Talbot was an European émigré artist and a leading figure in the Australian fashion world, well-known for his talent in connecting contemporary fashion with popular culture in his work. His career began in the late 1950s when he went into business with well-known international fashion photographer Helmut Newton. Their Flinders Lane Studio hit it off with a big bang and they secured big-name clients such as Sportscraft, Lucas and the Australian Wool Board.

This stage in Talbot’s life cemented his reputation as a striking force in Australian fashion photography, and his work was greatly admired – Australian Vogue regularly published his creations in their magazine. His masterpieces emphasised the emerging youth culture during the ’60s and ’70s, and as a result NGV have placed it in their landmark 200 Years Of Australian Fashion exhibition.


There are also public programs which celebrate Talbot’s photography, which include talks and workshops with modern fashion photographers, curators, Talbot academics and leading fashion practitioners. There is the Curator’s Perspective program, which reminisces over Talbot’s influence and constant appearances in Vogue, and the In Focus program – an exploration of the way the production of fashion photography and the way we experience it has evolved over time.

Now you can immerse yourself in the trends of that period of time and really appreciate how Talbot’s ideas have contributed to the formation of our own fashion trends today. The exhibition is also free to attend, so be sure not to be miss it!

Henry Talbot 1960s Fashion Photographer
NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
7 May–21 August 2016


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