Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes : Modern Ruin

Posted by Beat Magazine on 8/2/17.


 The soft Bluebelle opens the album, its piano melody layered by Frank Carter’s flowery vocals lull you into a peaceful state of mind. Just as you get comfortable Lullaby yanks you right out of that tranquil reverie, kicking off with a catchy guitar riff as Carter’s raw vocals mesmerise, reminding you how much of a powerful impact he truly has on British rock today.

Snake Eyes reinforces his ferocity, beginning with ‘Here I lay, my stomach burning, body in pain while the room keeps turning,’ and then in the chorus he becomes more aggressive. Vampires project a sassy vibe as Carter’s devil-may-care attitude is juxtaposed effectively with his soaring choruses, and it’s evident just how diverse the band’s sound is.

Acid Veins is delivered raw but flows smoothly before the chorus once again showcases the band’s signature rough, rock sound. Modern Ruinadds the cherry on top of a firecracker album with its chaotic guitar streaks and Carter’s gritty vocals. It’s clear why this is the title track– it is infused with a frenzy that makes you want to jump up and down and head bang, encapsulating the spirit of hard rock.


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