The Peep Tempel Sent Off The Weekend In Style At Shimmerlands

Posted by Beat Magazine on 15/2/17.

First to grace the stage at summer hotspot Shimmerlands was Pseudolux, with an inimitable combination of throbbing synths, with a metal backbone. Setting the scene for a diverse lineup, punters knew they were doing their Sunday right.

When East Brunswick All Girls Choir took over, scratchy guitar blared from the speakers as the backdrop to Marcus Hobb’s screeching vocals. The forecast for the night had been confirmed ­– punk, with a touch a crooning to balance it all out.

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks were next, and they were quick to own the stage with energetic blues resonating with country folk vibes. Savage sung powerfully, as she is known to do, while the rest of the band implemented plenty of emotional twists and turns, creating a dark yet enticing ambience for the swelling crowd.

When The Peep Tempel kick-started their set with Gettin’ On By, it became clear they weren’t there to mess around. Frontman Blake Scott got down to the nitty gritty, alongside hammering bass courtesy of Stewart Rayner and the hard-hitting drum work of Steven Carter.Rayguns epitomised Peep’s brand of dirty rock with its chaotic guitars and a political edge. Longtime crowd favourite Kalgoorlie was full to the brim with their scruffy punk sound, before Totality commanded attention with searing riffs and pulsing drums. Big Fish cruised along, teetering on the cusp of surf rock, while still retaining a firm punk aesthetic. And of course it wouldn’t all be complete without an inclusion of Carol – with lyrics often, as in this case, gleefully yelled back to the band by the audience.

In summary, the wicked lineup was testament to why Shimmerlands has become a firm favourite in Melbourne this season. The carefully cultivated array of local artists was the perfect way to send off the weekend in style.

Words by Christine Tsimbis
Image by Andrew Bibby

HighlightBig Fish.
Lowlight: Nothing.
Crowd FavouriteCarol.


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