Ghost paint you a masterpiece on ‘Prequelle’

Posted by Beat Magazine.

Ghost have always been an enigma, shrouded in mystery considering there were never any featured band members. However, Tobias Forge recently drew open that curtain, revealing himself as the creator behind the album. Opener ‘Ashes’ reverberates with a haunting vibe, raising shivers up and down the listener’s spine as the distant voice of a girl starts to sing, before throwing some heavy guitar strikes and chilling synth into the mix. ‘Rats’ amps up the thrill with its choppy riffs and moody vocals, with the growl in the chorus roughening up this track even more.

‘See the Light’ begins as a soft melody. The vocals gather momentum in the chorus, taking on a whole different character altogether. ‘Pro Memoria’ begins with intriguing synth hooks which lure the listener in. Closing song ‘Life Eternal’ is sappy and heartfelt, and it enhances the intricacy of the entire album.

Prequelle truly is a sophisticated and beautiful work of art; each track feels as though it has been carefully orchestrated to paint vivid images that will evoke some sort of response and emotion from the listener.

My rating: 8.5/10


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