Hey everyone! My name is Christine Tsimbis and I’m a Deakin Uni graduate with a Bachelor of Arts: major in Professional and Creative Writing degree. I absolutely love to write and am currently expanding upon my practical experience by writing articles for Beat Magazine. I have also written articles for other magazines and websites in the past, so I have a lot of experience in writing for different contexts and employing different tones and writing styles in order to appeal to a wide variety of readers.

I am currently studying my Masters of Teaching: Secondary at Monash University, because I have a passion for developing and sharing my writing skills with students. English was always my favourite subject in school, so it makes sense that it’s my first method to teach and I aim to make it as engaging and fun as possible for my future students.

My second method is Media, because I enjoy the critical thinking processes that accompany the study of the media and the way it influences mainstream society and the general public. I believe that it’s crucial that we develop an active mindset so that we can deduce the embedded connotations in different types of media. It’s also important that we, as individuals, shape our own opinions and stances on various topics. Freedom of speech and thought have always been extremely important to me, because they are the tools that we can use to define our identities and purpose in the world.


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