Amer Hlehel embodies love and loss in theatre production ‘TAHA’

Written by Christine Tsimbis and published by Beat Magazine. [Beat Magazine, issue 1633] Palestinian writer and performer Amer Hlehel breathes life into TAHA. It’s a theatre performance based on the heartfelt journey of Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali, who, after the war destroyed his home village of Saffuriya, attempts to build a life for himself […]

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Dead Girls Academy: Alchemy

Posted by Christine Tsimbis. A new chapter has begun for Michael Orlando, who has been through quite the ordeal. After a horrific bus accident that almost took his life, Orlando spent three long years trying to recover and seize his life back, fuelled by the dream of creating a new band. Dead Girls Academy was born with the […]

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Cannoli & Co : A Review

Posted by Christine Tsimbis. Tuesdays are always more satisfying when I decide to go to Cannoli & Co with my friend – a long awaited treat after just finishing the first semester of my second year at Monash University. This gem of a cafe resides in Pinewood Village at Mount Waverley, and it also provides […]

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