Nothing To Lose

By Christine Tsimbis. Flashing possibilities Right before our eyes Tantalising numbers Interweaving lies Hopeful prospects Victory beyond our grasp Racing anticipation With a hollow rasp ‘What do we have to lose?’ Shivers run down the spine Quick ragged breaths Who will cross the line? Squeals of joy Echoing groans Feverish muttering Curse their bones Lingering […]

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Dead Girls Academy: Alchemy

Posted by Christine Tsimbis. A new chapter has begun for Michael Orlando, who has been through quite the ordeal. After a horrific bus accident that almost took his life, Orlando spent three long years trying to recover and seize his life back, fuelled by the dream of creating a new band. Dead Girls Academy was born with the […]

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Cannoli & Co : A Review

Posted by Christine Tsimbis. Tuesdays are always more satisfying when I decide to go to Cannoli & Co with my friend – a long awaited treat after just finishing the first semester of my second year at Monash University. This gem of a cafe resides in Pinewood Village at Mount Waverley, and it also provides […]

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J. Cole : KOD

Posted by Christine Tsimbis. Since the raging success of ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ in 2016, J. Cole has been on a contemplative journey. He has now just released ‘KOD’, which is a complex and experimental work of art, laced with intricate twists that ruminate over the crippling combination of addiction and fame on identity. While […]

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