Review: It is truly great to have Paramore back

Posted by Beat Magazine. As the Bleachers threw an awesome performance that earned plenty of love from the audience, the anticipation for Paramore’s arrival only heightened, and eventually fans were rewarded with Hayley Williams making an enthusiastic entry onstage and eagerly kickstarting the show. It was extremely evident that Paramore have been experimenting with a more pop-inspired […]

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The Corrs : Jupiter Calling

Posted by Beat Magazine Jupiter Calling projects a magical fairytale just as strongly as its predecessors, cadenced with vocalist Andrea Corr’s dreamy vocals and the band’s playful mix of instrumentation to create an upbeat yet complex piece of art. While The Corrs aren’t afraid to create uplifting melodies, their music is also deep and soulful in the way […]

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On ‘Synthesis’, Evanescence will make you wonder how you can feel so much at once

Posted by Beat Magazine Evanescence have been experimenting with their sound since the release of their self-titled album in 2012, playing around with the arrangements of their songs by stripping back their distinctive guitar and drum beats and progressing to a more synthesised orchestral work of art that is melodramatic and brilliantly composed. Their new album Synthesis […]

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Jarface : Now They See

Posted by Beat Magazine Now They See is raw with fiery energy and drive. Opener ‘Rise’ kicks off with choppy riffs and drums, instantly radiating an alternative rock feel that is engaging to listen to. ‘Absolution’ is just as filled with heavy grunge goodness as ‘Sucker’, while ‘Burn The Effigy’ adds more fuel to the fire by […]

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Hollywood Undead : Five

Posted by Beat Magazine Hollywood Undead’s fifth album Five is fast-paced and blazing with energy. ‘California Dreaming’ kicks off with fiery riffs and pounding drums, painting a portrait of the murky darkness that pervades those who dream of fame in California. Whatever It Takes’ incorporates a playful rap flavoured with a suspenseful beat that’s addictive to listen to. […]

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The Used : The Canyon

Posted by Beat Magazine. The Used have taken a different direction with their music, straying away from their distinctive emo sound and progressing to a combination of alt-rock and post-hardcore with their new album The Canyon. Released through Hopeless Records, The Canyon was recorded entirely without a backing track, which really emphasises its raw overtone. […]

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